Live Your Truth

By Rick Garza


Welcome to the heart of our website, the blog section. If you found your way here, there’s a curiosity in you, a spark, seeking something more. Maybe you felt a connection with some of the insights shared on Spiritspective. As we get deeper, let’s explore how spiritual insights can assist with random challenges. Ever been at a crossroads, stuck in which direction to choose, say for instance, creatively?

Drawing from personal experience, let me backtrack. When I started creating this website a couple of months ago, I knew a blog section was essential. I thought inspiration would come to me sometime during development, or at least, after completion. But, here we are, the site is complete and no decision made. Instead of dwelling, I turned to spirit for guidance. And here’s the enlightening advice I received...

Don’t force it

Let it grow

Just like life

Let it become

This is a great blessing

The blessing of sharing Truth

We wouldn’t want to tell you what it will be

It is what you see

Everyday your vision will become Reality

See the beauty of your experience

Let it translate

You will create your world

Let it be

You will use this as an outlet

Your place to share your Truth

It will resonate

But it will be more for others

Remember who you were when you were awakening

Speak to him

He needed you

The You you are today

You are wise enough to lead

Help him understand what he is experiencing

Show him the way

Remind him of his Truth

Give him the insight to adapt

This is why you experienced it alone

It was predestined

This is your Truth

Live It

Life has its moments of uncertainty, where the path forward isn’t clear. But as shown in this post, sometimes all we need is to reach out, spiritually or physically. I was reminded of when everything began. Unaware of what I was experiencing. That was a tough time. I wish I knew then what I know now. But, I guess that's the point. Full of memories, I understand my direction and am inspired. Sometimes, a little nudge is all you need.

Remember, you’re never truly on your own. Every stumble, every doubt, and every question you may have - they come with valuable lessons. If this resonates, I invite you to join me on this enlightening journey with Spiritspective. Together, let's explore, learn and grow.