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Going On?

Life can be challenging. You feel like you hit a wall. Stress and worry led to self-doubt. Not knowing what to do next has you stuck. Life is unbalanced. Peace of mind, lost. Living with an invisible threat led to pandemic burnout. You know there’s a reason for everything, but what could it be?  

Without You

Dealing with loss is one of life’s greatest challenges. The loss of a loved one, family, friend, or pet can feel like losing a piece of yourself. Leaving you with more questions than answers. It can be traumatic and depressing. Turning your world of color into black and white. 

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Psychic Medium Readings
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You Are
Not Alone

No matter what your faith may or may not be, Spirit is with you. You have angels, spirit guides, and departed loved ones with you now. Guiding, protecting, and encouraging. They are not a far-away presence. You don’t have to go anywhere. Recognition is the first step. The next is simply asking for guidance.  

Ask, And What You Are Asking For Will Be Given. Look, And What You Are Looking For You Will Find. Knock, And The Door You Are Knocking On Will Open.”  

Matt 7:7

Spirit Awaits

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15 Min Reading

Receive quick solutions, guidance, or insight for a specific area of your life. Resolving difficult matters keeping you from achieving your goals and peace of mind.

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30 Min Reading

Receive a more detailed overview of where your life currently stands and where you should progress. Become enlightened to your truths and purpose.    

Spirit Gives


Confidently resolve problems with practical advice and divine insight. 


Remove doubts and concerns holding you back from achieving.


Connect with departed loved ones to help heal with grief and loss.


Clear your clouded vision with the truth and make better decisions.


Gain a new perspective on difficult experiences and trauma. 


Identify what matters to you  most to live a more purposeful life.

“Even the Spirit does not seek to control us, 

It let’s us alone to discover ourselves.”  


                              – Ernest Holmes

Your Reading

More than predictions, you’re having a conversation with Spirit. You’re speaking directly with the other side. Information, directions, and suggestions is spoken to you, as it is handwritten. Words received through clairvoyance are automatically written. A rare spiritual gift that is yours to keep. You’ll receive your written pages by mail, allowing the experience and wisdom to grow with you.



Having a clearer understanding of your self, your thoughts, and your life helps you understand others to live harmoniously.


Knowledge and understanding leads to better decision making. Empowering you to overcome life's obstacles with calm confidence.


Discovering your departed loved one(s) is at peace, and still with you, gives you closure to live again.

Peace of mind

Believing all is well today, tomorrow, and always lowers stress levels, improves mental health leading to a happier life.

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Spiritspective Effect


Typically most psychics use tools like tarot cards, palms, etc. to perceive  past, present or potential future events. Mediums receive their information by channeling spirit directly. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.    

No. In-person or by phone doesn’t determine connection or the quality of your reading. 

Not at all. Time isn’t relevant to Spirit. Spirit is omnipresent and can be at multiple places at the same time. If you have a recurring memory of someone you lost, they are trying to contact you.

Unfortunately, spiritual connection to a loved one isn’t guaranteed. Just as you, Spirit has free will to come forward. Your spirit guides are always available. 

No. Your reading can be interrupted by or over run by the spirit guides or loved ones of your friend.

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1. a spiritual perspective; a divine point of view, angelic understanding.

2. well-balanced solutions with your best interests at heart.