Once, the world of music was my entire world, guiding the energy of the crowd as a DJ, seamlessly bridging genres and generations. It was my future. Then, to my surprise, my hand began to write, not of my will, but guided by a higher energy. This wasn't a random scribble. It was a message, clear, profound, and guiding.

This discovery shook my foundations. Raised with strong religious values, I'd never pursued an intuitive connection. Suddenly, I was gifted with an unexpected ability, leading to doubts and fears. Yet, every written word was positive, unanticipated insight.

Over time, through introspection and learning, I recognized my unique ability not as a challenge to my faith, but an extension of it. Every session with this newfound skill was like crafting a soulful mixtape. Blending of energies, bridging the seen and the unseen.

Now, I've transitioned from beats and rhythms, to the music of life. From life's highs to its lows, I'm here to guide and shine a light on your spiritual journey. Because in life, just like in music, it's all about finding the perfect vibe.

From Rhythms To Readings

Rick Garza