At Spiritspective we offer a premium spiritual reading experience that transcends the ordinary. Discover the unique process behind our one-of-a-kind readings. Whether you are exploring this space for the first time or you are well-versed in spiritual guidance, our process is designed to cater to your unique journey.

1. Preparing For Your Reading

  • Intention Is Everything: Begin by thinking about the questions or concerns that led you here. Whether it's one specific question or multiple areas of your life, understanding your needs will help tailor the reading to you.

  • Your Choice, Your Path: Choose a reading package based on the areas you'd like to cover, your spiritual objectives and time preferences you're comfortable with.

2. A Reading Like No Other

  • A Dialog With The Divine: Our readings transcend conventional methods, focusing instead on direct communion with the spiritual world. Here’s a glimpse into your session:

    1. We discuss the areas of life where you seek insight.

    2. I don't enter a meditative state; I remain fully present.

    3. I begin receiving a stream of consciousness, and I relay the information.

    4. As messages are relayed, they're written down, ensuring a tangible record of your spiritual dialogue.

    5. If my hand doesn't end with a signature, it means your reading continues to the next page.

  • The Rhythm of Revelation: The pace of the session is led by the flow of spiritual communication. Sometimes it’s a quick succession of wisdom, other times a deep exchange. I write as fast as the messages arrive – often a page per minute – and my pen only stops when your story reaches a pause.

3. Embracing Your Insights

  • Reflect and Refresh: Post-session, you may experience a whirlwind of emotions. Embrace them. Some messages will resonate immediately; others will unfold over time. Allow them to refresh and reinvigorate your days gradually.

  • Your Insights, To Hold: After confirming your details, I will send the handwritten insights to you, providing a physical keepsake for ongoing reflection.

4. The Spiritspective Difference

  • Beyond the Tools: Our service invites you to a deeply moving spiritual experience, where you connect directly with the extraordinary.

  • Tailored to Your Essence: Recognizing the unique fabric of your being, every reading is an original masterpiece crafted to guide and enlighten.

We invite you to embark on this path of spiritual discovery with us. The first step is yours to take.

Discover Your Spiritual Journey with Spiritspective.

How It Works